Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The church that Charles built

St James Church of England at Jericho was built in 1888.  This was the second church to be built on the site as the first built in the 1840's was demolished as it had started to fall down.  
The building was designed by the well know architect, Henry Hunter and Walter Fish was responsible for the stonework with the woodwork being carried out by Charles Ellen, both of Oatlands.

Mum and I were fortunate enough to be given the key to the church so we could take a tour.  It is no longer in use as a church but still has all the original timber fittings that Charles made.  The beautiful leadlight windows were added some time after it was built and there is a small carved timber piece that was found on the tip in the 1970's LOL


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jen said...

this church is still in such good condition, beautiful!